Jennifer Doyle & Keene

My name is Corporal Jennifer Doyle. I served 4 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps. While in the service I was an aircraft refueler. I served from 1999 to 2003. Unfortunately, I suffer from PTSD. I also battle with severe anxiety as well. It took me a long time to admit I needed help but now very glad I did.

A few years back I had someone tell me a service dog could do me wonders. At first I did not believe I deserved to be called a warrior or a hero, seeing how I was never able to go to an active war zone. Until friends that did go told me I was. They convinced me to seek a service dog. At first I tried to go to other places and was told that they could not help me. One place told me in order to do the training I would have to be able to walk miles with a dog daily. Having bad legs prevents me from doing so; So they denied me. The second place was about a three hour drive from me and they told me I lived to far away and so they could not help me. I tried a few more places and was told the same as the second place.

Then my best friend found Dogs For Our Brave. They were more than happy to meet with me. I went and toured their facility and the people there were all very amazing. They said it could take some time to pair me but I knew if they could help I was willing to wait. On my birthday, Paul called me and told me he believed he found a match. Two weeks later I met my service dog Keene. She stole my heart immediately. She had more trying to do and after a few visits there and a few home visits we knew it was meant to be. On October 6th she came home for good. She is an amazing dog and helps me through my day. I no longer have to call friends just to go to the store with me, or to go anywhere with me. She truly is the best and I am so thankful for Dogs For Our Brave for everything they have helped me with and there continued support with her. Keene makes my life better everyday and I am forever grateful for her. She really is my hero, and I look very forward to all of our adventures to come.


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