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Private US Army Kelvin Whitehead & Alice

Kelvin acquired multiple licenses to drive various vehicles in the Army while stationed in Germany. At just 20 years old, Kelvin had a vehicle accident that would change his life forever. Kelvin’s accident caused him to have permanent slowed mental processing, balance issues, PTSD, agoraphobia, and anxiety episodes. Secondary medical issues that have developed include heart disease and a stroke. After some research, Kelvin knew that a service dog could drastically improve his life. Kelvin now lives in Pacific, MO, just a short drive from our training facility. When we knew we were getting closing to finding a match for Kelvin we invited him to the facility. He met Alice (Allie) and it was love at first sight.

Kelvin’s smile lit up the room, and Alice immediately snuggled right into Kelvin’s lap. In the first few weeks together, we learned that Alice woke Kelvin from a nightmare, she provided comfort to him when he had a few anxiety episodes, and her presence alone helped with Kelvin’s insomnia. Alice is able to sense when Kelvin is feeling anxious or stressed, and she will come to him to be petted and distract him from those feelings. He has noticed that his panic attacks have become shorter because he focuses on her. “Alice is helping me get out of the house already!” says Kelvin, “She gives me the confidence to walk around the neighborhood, go to the corner store, and talk with the people at the veterinary clinic. She is even helping with simple things like turning off the lights when I am already in bed.”


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