Paul Scimone

Paul is a certified canine trainer, registered veterinary technician, and canine good citizen instructor from St. Louis, Missouri. He has been involved in the dog training community for over a decade. More specifically, he has been involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned and abused pets, which fits right in with our DFOB mission.

Paul has spent years managing a team of dog trainers and a large-scale animal shelter workforce. He has assisted in breaking up dog fighting rings and helped to reduce shelter euthanasia rates in local shelters. He founded several programs in the community that help homeless dogs and has rehabilitated countless pet dogs for owners that had reached the end of their rope with behavioral problems.

He has also worked in local prisons training inmates and service dogs, a tremendously important and effective effort.

Paul has been published in nationally syndicated newspapers such as the Washington Post for his expertise in canine behavior. On the scientific side, he has conducted research on the hormone oxytocin, which was nationally recognized. Paul also founded his own non-profit organization that is focused on rescuing dogs and cats from high kill shelters in St. Louis: The Green Paw Community Association.

He actively works in the veterinary field along with training service dogs, adding an element of medical knowledge to his behavioral portfolio. His latest endeavor includes opening a feline rescue cafe.

Paul personally has three dogs and two cats and lives in (ironically) Dogtown, St. Louis, Missouri. We feel privileged to have his experience, tenacity, and motivation working for DFOB!


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