Bryan Dornon & Riley

Sergeant E5 Bryan Dornon served in the United States Army Sept 98 through Nov 05. He enlisted as a Personnel Services Admin (75H,92A) with the primary job of mobilization of soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2005 it was finally his turn to deploy. As they went through the process he became injured and was medically discharged.

Two years later, his Multiple Sclerosis (MS) , which he had his entire life, quickly put him in need of assistance. At the time he was married. A few years later the MS continued to progress. Putting a strain on his marriage. Eventually, it contributed to the end of the marriage. He had known some people that had service dogs. Leading him to inquire about receiving one. Now that the wife that prevented him from getting one was gone, he moved forward.

Bryan says, “I now have the amazing Riley. She benefits me in more ways than I ever thought she could. I expected her to help with a few tasks. Well she does that and so much more.” “I had withdrawn and was not sure what I wanted. Now Riley gets me questions from people all the time. I am starting to find a new self. One that is confident and happy. One that is not afraid to be alone. As I always have Riley by my side. Then there is what she physically does. Now that is a list that would fill a book. Just kidding, it is a lot in any case. I personally feel in debt to Dogs For Our Brave. They and Riley gave me this life I am enjoying so much.”


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