Why a service dog, besides the obvious, why not? Many veterans express they are not deserving of a service dog, as another veteran. While the wounds of every veteran are different, some visible and some invisible, they are equally relevant to support from a service dog. We believe and from our experience- for those who have honorably served our country and chose to do what most of us did not- without a doubt a service dog would enhance your life.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health NAMI “Dogs force us to be more social. For those of us who suffer from social anxiety, dogs can act as a ‘buffer’ in social settings. Dogs give us a reason to talk to new people and interact with others, especially face to face, which can ease the symptoms of depression.” As well as “petting a dog can increase dopamine and serotonin levels, the ‘feel-good’ chemicals our brain releases that improve mood and affect happiness.”

Service dogs come with responsibility, which can be a good thing. Taking care of your service dog adds purpose beyond one’s self. Coming from the brotherhood of our service branches to civilian life has been described to us as lonely. You are never alone with your Dogs for our Brave service dog by your side.

Service Dog Awareness Video


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