Corporal US Marines Craig Bennet & Captain

After serving in the United States Marine Corps for 7 years, Craig was medically retired due to injuries sustained from service. With limited mobility from injuries in his spine, shoulders, hips and knees, Craig utilizes Captains skills to help him throughout daily life. This alleviates physical stress on all his injuries, allowing him to do more activities with his two daughters. He also struggles with symptoms of PTS and anxiety. Captain helps alleviated episodes and attacks by performing anxiety and nightmare interruptions.

“Through Dogs for our Brave, Captain and I were paired together and it’s changed my life tremendously. He’s given me the confidence that I lacked to be out in public, so I’m never by myself. I was able to take my daughters to Disneyland. There’s no way I would have done it without him. He was there by my side helping pull the stroller and picking up everything I dropped.”



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