Sgt US Army Cristian Valle & Scotty

Cristian served as an Infantryman in the US Army. He served 2 tours in Iraq, and he was injured on his 2nd deployment in 2005. An explosive device was thrown at his location while conducting a vehicle checkpoint. He lost both legs in the accident: one above the knee and below the knee. He did his recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center; surgeries and rehab had him there for about 13 months. Upon heading back to California, Cristian began working for the Alameda County Fire Department as a 911 dispatcher. At home Cristian spends most his time in his wheelchair and without his prosthetic legs on, so lifting and moving himself around is very difficult and causes arm and shoulder pain. Having Scotty to assist him with everyday things has been a big life changer for Cristian. “Scotty is providing support each and every day. He helps me retrieve items, brace when I am getting up and down, and provides companionship. Scotty’s technical skills are impressive! I am so happy to have Scotty by my side.” The trainers regarded Scotty as one of the most entertaining dogs to train due to his desire to please his handler and goofy mannerisms. Scotty is named in memory of fallen Navy SEAL Scott Wirtz – his legacy lives on with Scotty’s assistance to Cristian.


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