Tito was a surrender to DFOB due to his high energy and drive. Trainer Paul received an email from a man in Kansas City who was going blind in one eye. Unfortunately, his wife would be having a hip replacement in 2020, leaving no one to walk or train this purebred German Shepherd Dog puppy. When we received Tito in January of 2020, he was only 10 months old, but this is the perfect age to start his training.

He is currently learning all of his basic assistance skills and starting public training. He is doing great so far! He loves to play and work, but also has a calm disposition when needed. He is still in the early stages of training, but shows tremendous potential.


Tito’s Vodka is labeled “the vodka for dog people”. As a company dedicated to bettering the lives of dogs and their families, we appreciate their support for our cause. Our partnership blossomed into a service dog in training named Tito. Tito lives up to his name, because he is the life of the party with the staff and other dogs here at DFOB.


Our Partners

We’d like to extend a big thank you to our corporate and media partners for your generous support. Your help gives us the opportunity to do what we do, and give both service members and our rescued dogs a chance at a better life.