April Haskins

April joined the Dogs for our Brave team in early 2022. While this had not been on her radar, she believes, the most rewarding challenges are presented to remind you that you’re not done learning or serving. She diligently seeks out ways to grow as an individual which has presented her positions in leadership in a variety of fields. She takes her dad’s words to heart “you work hard, you play hard- don’t expect things to be handed to you” the wise words of a Vietnam Veteran.

So, what is the big picture of Dogs for our Brave?

It’s the number 22.

Twenty Two veterans are taking their own lives everyday. Our mission impacts lowering that number closer to zero by saving two lives at once and never putting a financial burden on our veterans receiving service dogs.

What does that mean for April?

There’s no room for complacency. While there are veterans to serve there is work to be done.


Our Partners

We’d like to extend a big thank you to our corporate and media partners for your generous support. Your help gives us the opportunity to do what we do, and give both service members and our rescued dogs a chance at a better life.