Becky Boucher

Becky started her career with animals at a local animal shelter in her hometown of Farmington, New Mexico. After moving to the St Louis area in 2018, she continued her work with rescues at St Charles County Pet Adoption Center.

After seeing so many dogs get surrendered to the shelter due to behavior problems, Becky realized that there are a lot of families who don’t want to get rid of their family pet, they just need help with training. This inspired her to look into becoming a dog trainer.

In 2021, she received a full-ride scholarship to the Academy of Pet Careers in St Charles, Missouri. She took a dog from the animal shelter with her to school, an American pit mix named Clifford, in hopes the training would help him to get adopted. Together they graduated school early. Shortly after, in the beginning of 2022, Becky started working as a dog trainer with Dogs For Our Brave, which she considers a perfect job, where she can help both people and dogs.


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