Bryan Pieschel

We are excited to announce that we have a new member of the DFOB Team! Please join us in welcoming SGT Bryan W. Pieschel, USA, Retired.

Bryan has joined the DFOB Team as the first Director of Veteran Services. Bryan served as an active-duty US Army medic from 2004-2009. During his time in service, Bryan served as both a lead company medic and lead battalion medic attached to a mechanized engineer unit. His unit deployed to Iraq in October 2005 with the purpose of conducting and training Route Clearance missions (IED hunters). The battalion saw significant action in combat which led to multiple KIA’s and numerous significantly injured soldiers. Bryan was one of the injured, during a night mission in Sept 2006 his vehicle was struck by an EFP (explosively formed projectile) that threw him into the back of the vehicle rendering him unconscious for several minutes, which resulted in him being awarded a Purple Heart. Upon returning to the states in Nov 2006, Bryan began experience significant symptoms of PTSD and despite receiving great care, the symptoms would ultimately lead to him being medically retired in 2009. Despite his Retirement from active duty, the mission to serve his brothers and sisters in arms remains.

After being medically retired from the Army, Bryan returned to St. Louis and began working with his other passion in life, coaching kids, and teenagers in the sport of volleyball. Bryan has spent the last decade as the Boys Program Director for one of the largest boys’ volleyball clubs in the country. This has allowed him to lead and coach future Division I and national team athletes on a Nationwide stage. In addition to his Director Role, he has worked with coaches in top collegiate programs across the country as well as the USA Volleyball’s Junior volleyball program. Through coaching, Bryan was able to find his confidence and ability to lead young men both on and off the court teaching them life lessons along the way. His combat experiences have continued to play a role in the way he lives his life and leads those around him. From 2009-present day, he has impacted 1000s of players and 100+ coaches.

As the first veteran hired on staff, Bryan brings just the right perspective to the team to better serve our wounded veterans. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Bryan to the DFOB Family, and we cannot wait to see the amazing impact he will have in our heroes’ lives.

A message from Bryan, “I am incredibly grateful to April and the DFOB Board for giving me the opportunity to assist in the organizations mission. For me, this is personal, as I have seen firsthand the effects that combat has on those that experience the physical and psychological impacts of war. The “silent battle” that combat veterans bring back home with them has cost us so many lives, and it is a battle that we must face head on and WIN! There can be no quit and absolutely no surrender. I am ready to hit the ground running and get to work.”


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