Rose Wesselmann

Back in 2020, Rose had to say goodbye to her pup Tank due to behavioral issues. Frustrated with herself for not knowing how to help him understand this world, she deep dived into the online community of dog training.

Two years later, she walked out of Humane Society of Missouri with 8 month old Ryder, an Australian Cattle dog who would help fast track her full-ride scholarship at Academy of Pet Careers in St. Charles. She learned what her dog’s body language meant and how she could anticipate his reaction to a new and stressful environment.

Now, in August of 2023, Rose joined our team of trainers as an apprentice to learn how shelter dogs with all different backgrounds can provide support to our veterans. She says, “Every day I learn something new, and it is extremely rewarding to watch these pushy, impulsive, crazy pups turn into thoughtful, loyal and hardworking members of our society. These K9s are given such a huge purpose to provide so much mental and physical support to our veterans every day. I’m honored to be part of a team who supports that journey.”


Our Partners

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